The Spirituality and Transformative Leadership Initiative was set up by a group of Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum who believed that our world was in desperate need of the ‘higher order’ thinking that had characterised the greatest leaders our world has ever known.  Leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela used their spirituality as a powerful force for their own personal growth as leaders and created tremendous transformative impact on the issues that they championed, leaving extraordinary legacies that continue to motivate and inspire today.

The goal of this initiative is to highlight the stories of modern-day leaders who are using spirituality, as distinct from religion, as a force for their leadership and to inspire the next generation of leaders with ‘higher order thinking’ in a world that so desperately needs to rise above partisan politics, narrow self-interest and divided selves and communities.

Our activities centre around reflection, discussion, and sharing but are, critically, driven by the need for action too.  We see spirituality not just as a tool for the individual’s development, but as an active agent for change in our leadership, whether we are leading companies, countries, families or communities.

We are building a movement to elevate the discourse around personal and public leadership and invite you all to get involved and contribute to making this world one that we all deserve to live in.