The Siddhi of Intuitive Leadership

Dr. Anjhula Mya Singh Bais
International Psychologist, Trauma Specialist
Human Rights Activist

In Buddhism and Hinduism, Siddhis are considered supernatural abilities born out of spiritual exertion via practices like meditation and yoga. In business psychology research, reams are written about leadership, management, and strategy and their corollaries such as organizational alignment, results, and influence of stakeholders. And though psychological states like ‘flow’ have become popular in the past decade, spiritual leadership especially in traditionally male dominated fields not only lacks air time, in the vast majority of contexts, it is unheard of. In my therapy practice and board room experience, I have observed the interchangeability of the definitions and understanding of achievement and realization. Whilst the former often operates in and around a denser vibration focused on accumulations and externality, realization is the deep internal understanding that spiritualist J Krishnamurti spoke about when he wrote “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

Lack of integration poses one of the biggest challenges in catalysing a more harmonious world. Bi-polarity aside from existing as a mental health diagnosis is ubiquitous in its presence and applications: Global North versus Global South becomes a narrative of the perpetrator and victim, negative versus positive thoughts forces one to choose and in the process creates suffering through aversion and craving, good versus bad siloes strips people of nuance. We are born in many ways tabula rasa. Our ideas and convictions about success, failure, race, ethnicity, gender, religion and a myriad of other categorisations are conditioned learning. Layer upon layer is added in our personal biology that then becomes our biography. This bi-polarity in turns creates a high intolerance for uncertainty which if mastered is a golden key for intuitive leadership. When we apply a mindset of nothing is certain, therefore everything is possible, our leadership expands into the cosmos as opposed to descending into a black hole. How to think is certainly taught in business schools but what to think about is lacking in diversity. Sifting through various ivy league curriculum usually throws up one leadership class premised upon cultural competency and the very categorisations that intuition eschews. Intuition goes to the core of an entity where duality is stripped and a sensed, felt, heard, or seen knowledge of the person’s past, present, and future is integrated and understood, a skeletal outline of the Akashic Record.

What makes intuitive leadership notoriously difficult to speak about is that we are currently in a historical period that gives homage to and asks for Cartesian duality, irrefutable proof, and a demand of delivering and flooding our consciousness with rational, logical, evidence based experiences and discoveries. Intuitive prowess, the ability to already know before anyone has shared, something that appears impossible, is considered at best a pseudo-science, at worst a ‘quack’. Yet those who have systematically honed energy practices like Advaita, reiki, Socratic questioning, and pranayama, there is a realm beyond which proof exists, all need for it falls way because the certainty of knowing is beyond anything anyone can imagine. It is a state of being where huge swaths of the universe and its facets (people) are understood before they think, speak, or act. It is a akin to trying to describe love: poets and philosophers have tried across the ages but it is only understood when experienced. From a leadership perspective, this affords one a large competitive and compassionate advantage. As history takes turns oscillating between spiritual renaissance and witch burning, high achieving leaders must take advantage of the spiritual tipping point the world is at in 2020 and ensure that mental and spiritual needs are not overlooked.

Practicing utilising innate gifts, our life becomes the message. Duality such as the personal and political and person and profession are no longer separate with everything becoming one. What this looks like practically is that one can come to therapy and the therapist knows what presenting issues are, the characteristics and constellation of family members, the layout of the client’s home or office, and what the future holds before the client has uttered a word. I remember looking at an executive team member, having literally met them for the first time and had a vision (vision and seeing are not alike) that they were surviving as opposed to thriving. I knew intuitively that I needed to have a meal with them and speak. All this knowledge came through in what can be described as a download, this person repeatedly said how did you know, no one has asked me this before, this is exactly what is happening. Over the years this has gone from an N-1 to an N- of thousands of people. Tuning into people’s aura (with permission), energy readings, and the subtle shifts that are there if we open up have led to extremely good hires, potent strategy directions, superior mental health outcomes, and predictions that repeatedly pan out. Leaders accomplish this by hollowing out. We unlearn everything that has been taught, we clean our systems on a cognitive, physical, and metaphysical level and become a clear conduit to energies.

Scalar Energy discovered and made popular by Nikola Tesla is non-linear and non-Hertzian. The field has the capacity to carry information which does not reduce with the passing of time or distance. The benefits of employing different energies such as Scalar, sound, light, and touch goes beyond the cognitive and physicality and has profound possibilities in terms of collective traumas of nations, ingrained intergenerational cultural dynamics in organisations and karma of families and relationships. Remote treatment utilising scalar improves spiritual & physical well-being and has been repeatedly demonstrated. Our academic journal publishing structures are inherently capitalistic, a healed patient means a lost customer hence the paucity of this free, wonderous energy and its knowledge and know how. It is posited that ninety five percent of the world cannot be seen, heard, or comprehended, which is exemplified by animals having far superior sensory capabilities. What I understand through current analysis, a futurist orientation and also the intuitive knowing I outline above is women will lead the way in normalising intuitive leadership by redressing the imbalance of thousands of years of patriarchy and toxic masculinity. That begins with simply stating “I see the world in a different way”

Caroline Watson

Founder of Hua Dan, a China-based social enterprise that uses the power of participation in theatre as a tool for personal and social transformation. Young Global Leader 2011 of the World Economic Forum. Writer, speaker and entrepreneur.

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